Company History

Since 1992, Computer 1 Products has been a full-service Minority Owned IT Solution provider. Providing IT products and services to a myriad of customers and vertical markets. Our clients range from federal, state and local government agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Our Unique proactive approach to IT management has been saving our clients Valuable time and improving their business Efficiency. In addition to offering cutting edge, computer and networking technologies, we strive to always deliver a unsurpassed level of customer care, support and assistance

Why Us

People come to us in the following situations:

  • frustrated by the response time
  • loosing productivity and getting hit on their revenues due to network issues
  • spend time on solving same issues multiple times
  • keep on revisiting network issues because of lack of proper documentation
  • spending much more on monthly invoices and infrastructure

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What We Offer


Customer Service & Support

  • Dedicated phone and email Support
  • 24 x 7 Remote Support
  • Onsite professional Services
  • Access to opening tickets
  • Dedicated point of contact

Network Status Data Collection & Analysis

  • Analysis of Network and Server health including quarterly analysis
  • Performance and Utilization Baselines
  • Asset Management, Inventory & Tracking
  • Trending and Forecasting Failures before they occur

Network & Security Management

  • 24×7 real time security monitoring
  • Monitoring events, Errors, Process utilization, memory and Network services
  • Business critical function availability monitoring
  • System Performance reporting

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Critical Security and operating system Patch Management
  • Network, Firewall, Switch, & IDS
  • Web Site Content Filtering
  • Spam & Virus Filtering for Emails
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery management