"30 Days of Night"

"30 Days of Night" is based on a comic book series (same title) which, I will say, I've never read. I've never been huge into comic books (though I appreciate them). They're a great source of material for horror film and tv; hell, look at the audience that "The Walking Dead" has. But I digress "30 Days" is a fine piece of film, and worth watching immediately if not sooner.

The concept is pretty clever: Barrow, Alaska, based on it's location, has 30 days of night. To get technical, it actually has more than that in real life, but I'm presuming that for the sake of the movie and series, 30 seemed to be a more optimum number. (But it's longer anyways; thank you, astronomy class!) Well, who better to thrive in thirty continuous days of darkness thanvampires! Cue the vampires!

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The movie is sweet in that it wastes no time bringing on the feeling of dread, and it starts to amp it up, bit by bit. You already have an idea of what's going to happen, but as things start to get crazier, that feeling kicks of in of " when's it all going to go ballistic? "

And when it doeswhat a great scene. You'll know the one I'm talking about when you see it (I truly don't want to ruin it); filmed up close and then filmed from an overhead pan, it's gruesome and well-executed at the same time.

The story then continues quite well, as the remaining survivors of this vampire attack have WEEKS to still stay alive before the sun comes back. It makes for equally intense watching at times.

I highly recommend you buy this. Danny Huston is fantastic as the head vampire, and the whole flick is pretty top-notch. I tried watching the sequel; don't bother.

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