Vegan Weight Loss Secrets

I have a friend who is in such great shape and the worst thing about it is that she doesn't exercise at all. She has the figure of a goddess and all the guys seem to go crazy for her. I'm not like that, I have to lose thigh fat and I have about 20 or so pounds I'd like to get rid of. So I asked her how she kept her weight so low and how she does it without exercising.

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She said she had a little secret and that secret was that she was on a vegan diet. She said she eats as much as she wants of anything as long as it is vegan. So I had to find out what a vegan diet was and she told me. She went vegan to save animals but she loves the effect the diet has on he waist and health. Basically, don't eat anything that had a face or a mother.

Posted in Internet Post Date 07/24/2016