Five Strategic Eating Tips For Fat Loss

When looking to lose body-fat, along with exercise and getting adequate rest, diet plays an integral part in ensuring that you reach your fat loss goals. But as with most things in life you can go about obtaining your goals the hard way or the smart wayI don't know about you but I usually try to make my life easy and opt for the latter. I have therefore decided to compile a list of some strategic eating tips for helping with fat loss.

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  1. Eat little but more often You should aim for about five to six small meals spread throughout the day. I usually recommend spacing meals about three hours apart.
  2. Never skip mealsAvoid skipping meals particularly breakfast. By skipping meals you basically activate your body's starvation mechanism, which produces more of the fat storing enzyme Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL), thus making it easier for your body to store fat.Therefore the next time you do eat your body will quicker store fat thanburn it. Additionally, skipping meals also mean that your body ends up cannibalising lean muscle mass for energy in a process called Gluconeogenesis. This is one reason why people on low calorie diets initially experience weight loss it's not fat they are loosing but usually lean muscle mass.
  3. Record what you eatMaking a food journal of what you eat and the percentage macronutrient composition (i.e. percentage of carbohydrate, fat and protein), will help you gain control of what you are putting into your body. It is important to know whether you are consuming too much fat or whether you are taking in too many simple carbohydrates and not enough complex carbohydrates. One way to jeopardize your fat loss goals is by consuming a high fat diet. A food journal will help you with monitor and control what you consume.
  4. Drink lots of waterBesides the fact that our bodies need water for basic functions, drinking water helps rid our bodies of toxins and also primes if for fat loss. By drinking more water we help prime our bodies for more efficient fat loss through the optimisation of our bodily functions.
  5. Eat more fibreInclude more foods high in fibre into your diet (e.g. green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc.). When you consume a meal high in fibre your body takes longer to digest it and thus your blood-sugar level stays steady. You will therefore have a consistent energy supply and feel less hungry between meals. Fibre also makes you feel full faster and can help you with portion control.

Posted in Internet Post Date 08/03/2016