5 things to consider before watching movies

Today, I want to share something that you may or may not have given much thought to. I hope that you give me a little bit of grace here as my objective is not to judge or look down on anyone.

Several years ago, my husband and I came to the conclusion that we had to be more selective about the things that we watched on TV. We we're always very selective about what our kids watched, but when it came to us, I guess we figured we could handle whatever we saw in a movie. Up until that point, we would often rent videos to watch after the kids we're in bed.

The problem wasn't that we we're watching a movie, it was that the movies we we're watching we're not glorifying God in any way at all. In fact, they made light of what God calls sin. These are the main reasons that drove us to make some changes:

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  1. Many movies depict a married couple holding hands, kissing, and embracing. Of course if these two actors are married there'd be nothing wrong with this. But they usually aren't, and are in fact married to other people in real life. Jesus warns that to look at a woman with lust is committing adultery with her in his heart. How could two actors kissing each other be anything else but adultery?
  2. The 3rd commandment forbids us to take God's name in vain, yet many movies do it so frequently that we've become immune to it. If it's wrong to use God's name as a cuss word, then I say it's equally wrong to hear God's name used as a dirty word for the sake of entertainment.
  3. Philippians 4:8 tells us that we should think on things that are pure, lovely and good. Most movies would have a hard time convincing me that they are any of these things.
  4. I believe it offends God when we watch scary movies that have evil and demonic creatures in it. Would you continue to watch movies that have gruesome, violent scenes if Jesus was sitting besides you?
  5. Most movies feature a scantily clad woman as a main character. It's bad enough that my husband is exposed to this on a trip to the store, I'm not looking to bring it home as well.

When you filter movies in this way, it greatly reduces what you feel comfortable watching. Choosing movies before was pretty easy. All we had to do was agree on something, which actually wasn't that difficult. As long as it seemed decent enough, we felt ok watching it.

Unfortunately, there'd be many times where we'd see something or hear something that wasn't appropriate. By the time we realized that the movie we thought was benign, actually wasn't, it was too late. We no longer could assume that a movie was ok, we had to know whether it was or wasn't.

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