Here are four tips for treating your post-LASIK eyes after leaving the eye doctor.

A successful LASIK surgery procedure depends not only on the right doctor selection, but the proper post-op care following the LASIK procedure. Here are four tips for treating your post-LASIK eyes after leaving the eye doctor.

1. Rest Patients are often encouraged tosleep after the surgery. This allows the eyes time to rest and heal. Additionally, your eyes may be sensitive to light following theLASIK surgery, so sleeping in a dark room will give them a break. Furthermore, you should avoid any rigorous activities, such as sports with physical contact, following a LASIK treatment. You may also want to consider taking a few days off work to make sure you can recover properly.

2. No Touching

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Even if your eyes are itchy, you should avoid rubbing or scratching them. Your eyes are especially vulnerable at this time. Most likely they will be bloodshot following the surgery and even feel sore.

3. Moisten

LASIK surgery can leave your eyes very dry. After the operation, your eye care doctor will give you eye drops. It is important to keep your eyes moist, especially if you have the urge to scratch them. In addition, you will want to keep your eyes clean and particle-free both before and after the LASIK procedure.

4. Avoid Reading

Try to avoid reading if possible. Reading signs or books can strain your eyes. You will probably want to test out your post-LASIK eyesight, but there will be plenty of time for that after your eyes have healed.

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