Several Examples of Prescription Acne Treatment

Most adolescents hitting puberty will experience some form of acne..Acne is a condition of the skin that is often triggered by hormonal imbalance due to the changes our body goes through during puberty..Other factors that contribute to acne are poor hygiene, especially in the facial area, and having an improper diet..

Acne is often seen as severely infected pimpled or large blackheads and whiteheads usually in the face or the chest.whiteheads.These skin blemishes are often caused by clogged pores, overproduction of sebum and bacteria..

Treatment for Acne

There are medications for acne as well as some herbal remedies that can effectively treat mild to moderate acne..Herbal alternatives to treating acne are favorable for many individuals who do not wish to try out chemical based medications that might have adverse side effects..Some moderate to severe cases of acne may need prescription acne treatment for better management..

Prescription acne treatment is desirable for cases where the acne does not respond to over the counter medication..A licensed dermatologist or medical practitioner is needed to dispense the prescription acne treatment or medication that you might need..


Corticosteroids are some of the most commonly dispensed prescription acne treatment..These come in injection form and oral form..These function to lessen the inflammation and to promote skin healing..


This prescription acne treatment is a potent oral medication that is used for extreme cystic acne..This oral retinoid medication is usually reserved for those strains of acne that are impervious to other milder forms of topical and oral medications. Retinoid.It reduces the production of sebum and can effectively control the skin condition..This prescription acne treatment can be used in tandem with antibiotics..

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Antibiotics are also another choice for prescription acne treatment..These can come in topical form or oral form and can be effectively used in coordination with some other acne medication..It is best to consult a medical practitioner before using antibiotics with another form of prescription acne treatment to be sure of your health..These work to reduce the population of bacteria that promotes acne growth and infection..There are some broad spectrums antibiotics that are effective in quelling the bacteria population while there are other individuals that may need stronger forms of antibiotics..

These prescription acne treatment all need to be prescribed by licensed dermatologists or medical practitioners.dermatologists.Care must be taken when taking medication as these may have adverse side effects or may react with other drugs or medication you are taking..

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