Playoffs and Predictions: Super Bowl XLIX


The ending of the Green Bay-Seattle game was almost beyond belief. Up by 12 points in the final few minutes should mean a win; there’s not enough time for the opponent to have two possessions and score on them both. Instead Seattle scores once and then tries an onside kick – which almost never works – and they get the ball back because of Green Bay’s tight end, Bostick, blowing his assignment and trying to catch the ball, instead tipping it right to the Seattle player. Unforgivable. THEN they go for a 2-pt conversion and GET it, and now you’re thinking the game is over. It’s not – Green Bay somehow gets into field goal range and hits a 48-yard field goal – and now we are in overtime. Could Seattle still lose this game after all that? Nope, TD on their first possession…Sudden death. Game over. WOW. It was amazing to see the comeback and then the win in OT by the Seahawks. I think everyone had them counted out!



I was truly expecting more of a ground game given the weather. I believed going in that the Pats would win, but I also knew that the Colts were fighting for Andrew Luck’s first win against Brady and for a trip to the Super Bowl, so there could be an upset. I also thought that the score would have been much tighter, not the blowout that it was. Yawner. I think the Patriots with Playoff Tom Brady (as opposed to Regular Season Tom Brady) are always favored to win. And they did. I’m convinced the Colts will always be fighting bad karma for letting Peyton Manning go, which would explain the drubbing.


Super Bowl: Patriots/Seahawks

Edge to the Seahawks. This team and these coaches are so cohesive, so fired up, play so well when it’s needed. The quarterback Russell Wilson always finds a way and Richard Sherman (cornerback on the defense) is a game changer who will rattle Brady and his receivers. Marshawn Lynch (running back) is currently unstoppable. They are going to perfect storm their way to a repeat win in the Super Bowl. Patriots are a great team but they are going to get outplayed. There is also the “Deflate-gate” controversy, and with this whole issue going on about the deflation, we have the potential for suspensions and other punishments, which could also rattle the Pats. My money is on the Seahawks regardless.

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